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          Labor and Glory Position-specific Contest Closed in Success in Enjoy-nature

          Suzhou enjoy-nature Co.,Ltd  view   Date 2015/09/17

          To provide a stage for the staff to shine with their job-related skills and to learn from each other so as to improve the overall production efficiency, Labor and Glory Position-specific Contest was held in Enjoy-nature on May 4th, 2013, which is a manifestation of the dominant role staff play in the company.
            11 events were held in line with daily workshop procedures. All the candidates displayed their skills, which got evaluated by the judges in terms of quality and time taken to decide the winners. Through the contest, all the staff once again learns about the importance of dedication and continuous improvement in professional skills and abilities. Also, problems exposed during the process received detailed analysis and correction. The awareness of the important role basic skills play in making perfect products once again got enhanced, ensuring fine quality for each scarf produced in Enjoy-nature.