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          One Heart?One Future: Tenth Anniversary for Enjoy-nature

          Suzhou enjoy-nature Co.,Ltd  view   Date 2015/09/17

          On January 9th, 2013, Enjoy-nature embraced the celebration ceremony for her tenth anniversary in Suzhou Aster Hotel, together with her distinguished clients and guests.
          The event began at 3 p.m. in soft melodies, with the guests striding through the elegantly red carpet and posing for pictures at the center of the stage. Then, the host declared open of the ceremony and introduced the attending managerial leaders and guests. After that, Ms. Zhang Guoying, the board chair, gave a speech in retrospect of Enjoy-nature’s decade development and on the company’s promising future, which moved the guests to warm applauses.
          In the ensuing section, predecessors, leaders and friends in this industry presented their wishful speeches, among which, the one by Shang Damin, Secretary-general of Suzhou Silk Association, impressively expressed the amaze Enjoy-nature brings with her growth. Representatives from Enjoy-nature also gave their own wishes and comments.
          The peak of the event came with a fashion show that releases Enjoy-nature’s latest products. The fashionable and nobly amazing products on the elegant models were so visually stimulating to the guests that they could not help presenting their unanimous praises.
          Around the end of the event, Enjoy-nature’s new website and its new publicity video were released, winning another wave of praises from the guests that gave the event a successful closing.
          Enjoy-nature sincerely presents her thanks toward all the authorities, partners, clients, suppliers and friends that have aided the company in her growth and development. The gratitude also goes to the staff and their families. Without all of you, Enjoy-nature cannot be possible!
          A decade has witnessed Enjoy-nature’s great dream, her development and transformation. We look forward to a more bright future in the coming decade, with our efforts in chasing all the dreams. Join us in embracing a bright future for Enjoy-nature!