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          Crossover between Chinese Calligraphy, Painting Art and Fashion Blending Culture into Art to Promote Chinese Brand

          Suzhou enjoy-nature Co.,Ltd  view   Date 2015/09/25

          ENJOY NATURE Silk Scarves Will Present Oriental Culture and Esthetics in New York Fashion Week


          On the occasion of New York Fashion Week 2015---Oriental Fashion Festival, ENJOY NATURE Chinese Ink Art Scarves Exhibition will demonstrate the oriental fashion culture of
          “Nature and Zen Art Lifestyle” on this world fashion stage. You will see Chinese calligraphy and painting art crossover with fashion art, traditional know-how and fashion
          trends meet here. ENJOY NATURE will showcase its “ORIENTAL, NATURAL, MODEST” fashion image in New York Fashion Week for the first time.


          ENJOY NATURE is a brand established by Intime Fashion (Suzhou) Company, whose main aim is to inherit Chinese culture by scarves collection. ENJOY NATURE will showcase two
          collections in New York Fashion Week: Ink and Zen. Ink collection was inspired by the encountering between designer and the posthumous work of Mr. Zhang Zetian, a folk artist
          from Beijing. Mr. Zhang Zetian had been a modest and true artist; his masterwork was discovered only after he passed away. The designer took inspiration from his ink-paining,
          combine it with silk, which are two representative Chinese cultural elements. The elegance of ink painting and smoothness of silk are perfectly combined with each other, it's
          like the modest life of this folk artist; it fully presents the philosophy of ENJOY NATURE: discover nature and purity in the noisy urban life, discover the link between Chinese
          traditional culture and modern art.


          While Zen collection is inspired by Zen culture, it uses“Hundred Antithetical Couplets by Chinese Ancient Sages”and Zen Pattern as main elements, presents the lifestyle of
          staying natural and true. This collection is dyed with black tea, green tea and red flower; the color is subtle, fabric is skin-friendly, with a natural fragrance of plants.
          ENJOY NATURE always cherishes the original beauty of natural materials, and advocates the natural relationship between people and nature in the modern world. The collection also
          uses the traditional Suzhou Embroidery, which is delicate and elegant; this traditional knowhow has brought new life into this scarves collection.
          The General Manager of ENJOY NATURE Mrs. Zhang Guoying says, “The most honest culture is among the people, while the most timeless fashion is in nature. ENJOY NATURE discovers
          culture from the folk, pursues the beauty of nature, recreates these elements with modern printing and dying technique, brings Chinese knowhow into international fashion trends,
          so that we can tell a nice story of Chinese brand in the world fashion stage”.


          Mr. Wang Yao, Vice President of China Chamber of General Commerce, has highly praised ENJOY NATURE's fashion image of “ORIENTAL, NATURAL, MODEST” showed in New York Fashion
          Week. He says, “ENJOY NATURE combines Chinese calligraphy and painting with scarves design, it's a nice try to promote Chinese culture and fashion, showcase excellent Chinese
          designers to the world. "